C9.5 automation not visible on light background

Cubase 9.5.10, Windows 10/64 Bit:

Automation curves are always colored like the track header/events, regardless of the background color. That renders them completely invisble (and hence unusable) in many situations.

See attached screen shot for a demonstration. It’s impossible to see the automation curves on that track.

The correct behavior would be to automatically set the automation curve color to the inverse of the background color.

You can change the color of a automation track,
when you have project with lot of automation tracks, use the PROJECT LOGICAL EDITOR in the edit tab , so you can do it with one click for all automation tracks…:slight_smile:

Yes, I can do that, but I want all the lanes belonging to one track to be of the same color as the track itself - otherwise it would be chaos.

IMO the automation curve should be colored intelligently - and automatically.