C9.5 crashes when Timeline set to Time Code [SOLVED]


I’m still not able to work with C9.5, still stuck to C9.

C9.5 crashes while saving when timeline is switched to time code. On the linked video, I’m opening a usual starting project I saved in C9. I can save it in C9.5 after loading then but as soon as I switch the timeline to TC, saving makes Cubase crashing…

I took of any inserted plugin or effect in this project prior to open it in C9.5. I made some searches and tries but still can’t figure it out :-/

Crash video capture

W7, C9.5.10.

So I did some further investigations and the least I can say is that I’ll face some serious issues in the future if ever I wish to open any project from prior versions in C9.5. Any template and any project will crash if ever I load it in C9.5 and try to save it then while having timeline set to Time Code…

I’m rebuilding all my templates from scratch now. I couldn’t figure out about the cause. I deleted all midi & audio tracks, tempo & marker tracks too, took of any plugin, effect, image, disconnected all remote devices, MMC, VST-link, anything I could, no way. As soon as timeline displays Time Code, C9.5 crashes while saving and project is screwed up (non valid, 0ko). Having the timeline set to bars/beats, everything works…

This is the first time I get something like this since C4 about project compatibility between versions except for some old C4 ones.

Anyone encountered a similar issue ?

Ok, it seems the issue is solved.

Within all I tried, I updated the Yamaha-Steinberg USB midi driver to the last available update on the Yamaha ProAudio site, the update is dated june 2017. No change.

I just saw the very last one (december 2017) is availabale (and not on the Yamaha site…):

So don’t hesitate to update if ever you encounter C9.5 crashes !

And shame on Yamaha for not being uptodate for their products :-/