C9.5 Ele. Dropping Midi parts in Sampler track crashes Cubase


  1. Create a new Sampler Track
  2. Drag a VST Instrument part in the Sampler lower zone
  3. Cubase crash.

Variation with same result:

  1. Select Sampler Control tab in Lower Zone
  2. Drag a VST Instrument part in the zone(or sample via browser), Cubase process the action
  3. Press “Transfer to VST Instrument” button
  4. Select GA SE
  5. Cubase crash


Update on this. Being new to Cubase, it seems a lot of people start from fresh templates and prefs when installing a new version. So, I did this and Cubase behaved ok when dropping a midi part on the sampler track. So, all seems to be ok. Didn’t have time to test the Transfer to VSTi function. Will come back and let you know.