C9.5 No bezier curves in Key Editor

I am really exited with this new update. A huge step in the right direction!
But I am a bit disapointed that the bezier curves are not implemented in the Key Editor. Hopefully, it will be done in Cubase 10 ?

Or more properly 9.5.20

Was just logging on to suggest the same thing!

If bezier curves were made available in the Controller Pane in the Key Editor, I would have upgraded on that basis alone. Now I’m not so sure. This is a big deal for orchestral work.

Huge +1 to add this.



+1 Please implement in the key editor!

I have to hold off on this upgrade for lack of this. Sad to find out it is not included in the key editor. Looks like a pretty good release, except for this long-requested feature.

+1 There are many other huge improvements so I’m going to upgrade, but this is desperately needed.

Just a little “Devil’s Advocate” question, if I may :wink:
How efficiently would you expect Bezier Curves to work on Controller Events that are snapped to the Grid?
Or is your real question, “When, if ever, is Steinberg going to implement (optional) Controller Automation Lanes in the Key and Drum Editors, like in the Project window?”


My real question is, when are we going to see bezier curves implemented for drawing CC values in the Key Editor, so I can use them for basic MIDI functions like Volume, Expression, Velocity X-Fade, and few others. These are independent of the grid. Perhaps there’s something in your question I don’t understand?

A friendly “Yabba Dabba Doo!” (couldn’t resist)


Well, CC# data is sent (or written) as discrete single MIDI events (which can be quantized to the grid, or not). Even in the Project window, where we do have the opportunity of “handling” CC# data as automation, it is in fact just a different way of dealing with exactly the same data.
So… in the project window, where we can indeed “write/edit” CC# as automation exactly like audio automation (including the Bezier curves :wink: ), what i was trying to say earlier was simply… “Can we have CC# as Automation accessible from inside the Key Editor”? (although it still wouldn’t be part of the actual MIDI Part).
As for the CC# data as seen in the Part itself, we do indeed have various Line Tools, while actually writing, but to be able to use automation curves on them one written would be, I think, a huge rewrite :wink:.

Ah, there WAS some things I didn’t understand. First, I was not aware that Project Window automation could be applied to MIDI CC’s. Second, I’m not sure about the implications of MIDI data separate from the MIDI Part.

Re: Line tools, they have some use, but to me bezier curves would be much more useful.

Re: Huge rewrite, I was wondering about that today. I have no idea of what extra hurdles there are to applying bezier curves to MIDI data as opposed to “normal” automation. My hope is that they initially planned to implement the curves with both Project View and Key Editor view, but ran into some hurdles with regard to the latter which will postpone that implementation until the next release. One can hope.

Agree curves are more useful. But I think part of what Vic is pointing out is that for cc data you really aren’t controlling anything with the curve itself. The cc data is really a bunch of discreet points that are represented by the curve. Still, for me it seems like manipulating those points as if they are a curve makes life easier.

Side question - I do all my CC automation in the Controller Lanes in the Key Editor rather than the Project window/automation lanes. It seems like both places give you the same functionaity? Or am I missing something as to why doing CC automation in the Project window/automation lanes is preferable (aside from new Bezier curves being there)?

Just a guess, but I am thinking its initial purpose was for people who like to control MIDI volume (CC#7) from a fader (so that it behaves as closely as possible to using and automating volume with a fader on an audio track, and similar with CC#10 for pan). It kinda follows from there, that being able to do the same with the other MIDI CC#s is just a happy by-product :wink:.

So what are the ramifications of creating MIDI CC bezier curves that are not in the MIDI Part? What are the drawbacks?

Don’t think you are missing anything, mostly a matter of what you prefer. Doing it in the Key Editor makes it more portable so that when you duplicate or move the MIDI Part it will include the cc data. Say you want a cc value to vary over the course of each note, that’s probably easier in Key Ed. On the other hand if the cc data is on the Track it’s easier to turn it on/off via the Read automation button. So there are little differences, but the functionality is basically the same.

None really. Both are just different ways to display the underlying cc data. IMHO bezier curves make it easier to manipulate that data.