C9 - a bit of news sneaked out about expression maps?

Dorico has just had an update (though I don’t yet own it). Included in the new update is support for expression maps - new expression maps.
Hopefully, I would expect C9 to have the same update

Also the transpose dialogue in Dorico is different from Cubase - maybe we get this refreshed too…?

Looks Great!! Super excited here - fine work as usual from Uncle Steinberg.

Here is the video walkthrough


I wouldn’t get too excited about changes to expression maps, as the big thing with Dorico, is that it’s first release didn’t support expression maps at all, the Dorico update, just now supports expression maps as Cubase already had.

but still looking forward to Cubase 9, with some new features, and probably getting annoyed that they haven’t sorted other things out

Andy is right.
There are so many improvements that have to be made to Expression Maps !

But the first interesting thing I notice here is the “Duplicate” function. Such a basic and essential operation should have been present from the beginning in Cubase.

And there are some other intriguing details …

I really hope they’ve done something new with the Expression Maps in version 9 for us.

If you watch the video Expression maps have been revised and updated, not just ‘supported’.

That’s in Dorico (which I don’t have either :wink: ). While its VST Expression Setup window looks nothing like the one in Cubase, I didn’t notice anything in that video that isn’t already available in the VST Expression Setup window of Cubase, nor has there been any suggestion that anything from Dorico is likely to be integrated into Cubase for the foreseeable future.
Of course, I could be completely wrong about that :wink:.

I’m using Dorico a bit, and the exp. map user interface is different, but yes, same functionality.

And as Vic and andyjh say, there’s been no indication that it will, or even can be, integrated with Cubase. If there is any shared functionality coming, it’s years away, imuo :wink:

I think/guess there would be little point in updating the GUI just for Dorico and personally I do like the simplified cleaner look and the way that expression maps are treated as families for importing. The Technique list is new, duplication looks easier.

Hopefully we shall not wait long.


That would sure make for many happy Cubase users! How long can you hold your breath? :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

Say … one week ? :wink:

Cubase came out on 10th Dec last year, that’s fourteen days till Christmas!

BTW|: Did not see any sign of “directions” and “attributes”


Nope. Dec 2nd 2015 was release date for v8.5.0

5 days until Xmas then!


The UI of Dorico Expression maps maybe looks nice, but the functionality is lacking behind what Cubase expression maps can do now.

At the risk of seeming like a wet blanket…

Until 3rd party devs actually support VSTExpression better (not just the maps but NOTE Expression), I think improving the ‘engine’ in Cubase or Dorico is a bit like having the world’s great remote control for the same old Rear Projection Glass TV I’ve had for 10 years. :cry:

I need the CONTENT to easily respond to my commands–not more commands which the content I have (VSL, EW, et. al) don’t even respond to.