C9 (and C8) sometimes forgets how to undo

Anyone else ever get this? At some point when working on a project, Cubase’s Undo just stops working. Closing and re-opening the project returns it to normal. Is there some kind of accidental key command I’m pressing or is it a bug?

Bump for this. Driving me insane.

Yes I had the same issue in C8. Never figured out what could cause this.
Not in C9 till now.

Good to know I’m not alone. Anyone any ideas? (I’m not too proud to beg…)

…another bump…

This is driving me insane today. No undo, no clues as to why. Can’t submit a bug report til I can identify what causes it - just random.

Assuming you mean the traditional undo since CubaseSX and not the C9 Mix History?

Do you find this happens with ctr+Z? Does it happen with undo window open and using mouse? Same behavior with the drop-down tabs at the top? Hate to suggest it but did you trash preferences and let it re-build. Just trying to think of any other ways to undo a command and eliminate these possibilities.

Thanks greggybud. It happens with the regular undo - no data seems to get written to it, so there’s no cntrl Z, there’s nothing to see in the usual place at the top of the Edit menu either.

Perhaps trashing prefs will help, gulp.

Apologies as I think you mean what you actually said…undo sometimes stops working while you continue commands where it should be listing the commands?

I was thinking when you undo a step it doesn’t undo, therefore the prior questions.

I have never experienced that. I guess trashing would be the next step?

I have this in Cubase 9.5, if anything, it is more frequent now, like much more.
Loading without preferences does not help. I can view the undo history, but not change anything.