[C9/C9.5] ISSUE with timewarp and waveforms

the following issue makes it impossible to use timewarp and audiowarp in the same project:

  1. create empty project
  2. import an audio file (preferable a drumtrack)
  3. do some timewarp (adjust the song tempo track using the timewarp tool)
  4. open the audio editor for the track
  5. set the playback position to a point with an easily noticable transient or event after the first timewarp event
  6. compare this position with the actual position in the project

result: the waveform pictures don’t match (while the project shows the correct waveform and the editor doesn’t - so it’s not possible to find the right point to drag the waveform in audiowarp)

can anybody confirm this? Does anybody know a workaround?
Thanks a lot, Gregor