C9 installed but no soft elicense in eLC

I purchased upgrade to C9 from C7 online and received activation code. Tried to activate but code didn’t work. I clicked on C9 in bay and get message " no valid license found". So I open latest eLC and don’t see HD icon in list for soft elicenser. Do see old dongle I have in port and see it listed on left, and see old C7. So I’ve been searching forums, etc. for days, found “If soft elicense is not found”, which indicates move C9 to trash, download eLC-installion-helper-zip, unzip, open and cl on uninstall. Then Re-install C9. Says the soft license should appear. Don’t know how I could reinstall because I downloaded it from the site. Don’t know if this procedure is the right one anyway.

Soft elicenser is not relevant to you. Your license is on the dongle.

First I would install the latest elicenser software from here:

Then with your dongle connected open elicenser control centre.

Now …Do you see the license for Cubase 7 on the right if you select the dongle on the left?

Hi, yes I see the old C7 to the right. Since I updated online from C7 and downloaded C9 , I thought I might see C9 and be able to activate the license with my code.

You will only see C7 license and after you click on Enter Activation Code and put the code in it will update to C9.

So if you click on Enter Activation Code do you get the message No Valid license found??

There is a problem with the license server I think…other people are posting they can’t activate software but you should get the message cannot connect to server in that case. Can you try again and post exactly what the error message says.

Sorry for the lengthy interruptions in getting back, appreciate the help. So I opened eLC, performed maintenance but since from some advice I uninstalled the eLC and re-installed it, steps 1, 5, and 6 failed,(updating data base, recovering license transactions, and sending elinsenser info). Stilll eLC shows same items a when the maintenance worked. Now, I clicked on the USB key, entered act. code. Same message as always, “at. code could not be indentified”. I don’t think before my uninstall of the eLC, I tried selecting cubase 7 before clicking enter act. code. If I could get the maintenance to work again…

ELC Servers are down atm, could be the issue. I’m waiting the same thing. :slight_smile:

OK…well there is no great surprise that nothing is working now because the license server is down as I said.
Keep an eye on this linked thread and I’m sure someone will mention when it is back up.


BUT…I’m still not completely sure if this is your only problem…You say that the message is the same as always but previously you said it was something different which could mean a different problem…

So if its something like “code could not be recognised” this might be because of the license server but if it’s really “No valid license found to update” then something else could be wrong.