C9 legacy plugins that i was using in 8.5

Cubase 9 doesn’t appear to like my legacy plugins that i was using in 8.5 - Will this be fixed so i can use them again?

No 32bit support anymore.
Nothing to fix.

I heard Greg on a youtube hangout video saying Cubase has a built in bridge for 32bit applications?

You must have been watching a pre C9 video then.

You might find something of interest in this thread:


Yeah I’ve done this

CUBASE 9 DOESN’T SUPPORT 32bit VST’s anymore???
HAHA!!! YES IT DOES!!! :smiley: - just like 8.5, with a little trick!

As a big Cubase-fan I was very disappointed that they removed it’s compatibility for 32bit-Vst’s. After researching I got the following solution:

In the Cubase-program-folder you find the folder “components”.
The TRICK is just to copy (and replace) the following 2 files from Cubase 8.5-components-folder to the one in Cubase 9:


(please don’t forget to backup the C9 components folder first)

After that let Cubase 9 rescan your PlugIns - maybe it helps to delete the blacklist-files in the Roaming-folder first.

With this little trick I’m using my Cubase 9 just the way I used 8 all the time, all the 32bit-PlugIns are now present in Cubase 9!
I don’t know how it works with mac, I guess there should be a similar way to get it working there :slight_smile:

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This is the solution for old steinberg plugs that won’t run in jbridge! At least for now.

And yes it works, but now I’m stuck with 9.1 and cannot update properly presumably because of this hack, what i don’t get if this process above works in 9, and is usable, why doesn’t the team implement whatever it is with those files in future updates?

The hack doesn’t have to stop with 9.0.10…you just have to redo the file swaps each time there’s an update.

As I understand it they won’t be implementing this file hack into the program because they don’t want 32 bit plugins to be used due to the perceived inefficiencies and instabilities they add to the rest of the program.

Thats fair enough for Steinberg to do, But it actually kills part of my process. For example i use overdrive. Which is part of my sound. Ive came across nothing so far, that i can just load and gives that instant overdrive sound. Nothing at all. Anyone any ideas for that? Cus thats one issue. Like and also, I use Cubase full time. Everyday and thats how i earn my monthly salary being self employed using, these disregards for fixes wrecks peoples livelyhoods. Appreciate its not be all and end all but its a steeple in part of my studio that i can’t do without?

trick with

Worked in 9.0.30

Finally i can use QF1 again!

Messing with any of the Cubase components files sometimes does wreak havoc when trying to apply a maintenance update. This was noted a while back when users started deleting/renaming video related files to correct issues. So, if you can’t update to the next version, the fix is to re-replace the files with the originals that you hopefully saved. Then, after the update replace the files again with the ones you want.

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i don’t think i saved them, anyone fancy emailing me them for windows?

You can just keep a full installer handy and if any issues with upgrading run repair or install from that to reinstate any deleted files.
You can always download full installer from MySteinberg if needed.