C9 MIDI Question - Instrument Volume(s) multi-timbrality


I have a question for anyone who is experienced with MIDI or may know about volumes for multi-timbral instruments.

The situation is I have a multi-timbral VST ROMPler, instanced on the VST Rack which is being fed by multiple MIDI tracks however whenever Main Volume controller information is sent; regardless of the MIDI channel it is on it alters the output volume of all instruments on that buss.

Is there an alternative controller to Main Volume available?

Previously it was working with a VST 2.4 plugin but that was proving very inefficient so I changed to VST 3.6 which means I must also change brand as well (no problem here sounds are better anyway).

I guess main volume is not really the best controller to use but it is what it says “Main” and is not MIDI volume as such however I really don’t want to use the MIDI fader if it can be helped.

Thanks for any support or assistance.

Each midi track has it’s own channel in cubase. (see mixer) If you change the volume of that midi track in the mixer normally only the sound on that track should get lower or higher volume. Each fader of the midi track is indeed sending midi data (CC07), but together with the controller value it also sends a midi channel number. So there are some things that aren’t logical in the behaviour you descrive. It might be that the midi output of your tracks has been set to “all”, so it transmits the controller data to all channels, or it might be a badly written plugin. So what VST are you talking about ?

kind regards,

Hi Roel,

You had it in the MIDI channel, one of the VST parts was set to receive on the same channel as another.

The actual plugin requires me to learn CC07 for it to receive volume commands which is a bit of a hassle as anything I’ve worked with in the past simply responds.