C9 minimum Wishlist

*) Enable audio routing into sidechained VST-Instruments (VST2.4, VST3)
*) Compatible and general better Window Management under Windows (GUI)
*) Replace Quicktime with Microsoft Media Foundation; AV Foundation
*) Switch to dynamic Universal C Runtime (increases number of simultaneous unique plug-ins and replace outdated runtime)
*) Multitouch touchpad / screen support to enable vertical/horizontal scrolling and zooming
*) Stock VST-Instruments / Effects scaling/resizing GUI
*) Better external instruments implementation (was never really finished)
*) Save External FX settings as presets (seems also that this was never really finished)
*) Compatible Drag&Drop with 3rd party plugins
*) Fix mixer bugs with screensets
*) Enable 3rd Party plugs in Channel strip
*) Render in place fadeout time settings

possibility to read any kind of video files
possibility to make a search and replace for audiofile in a session like in the Replace audio file in audio clips in cubase 5 but from the mediabay
I make sounddesign for movies and if I have to change 200 footsteps sound (for exemple) one buy one it’s very long but if I can choose a new one and relace all at once it’s very cool