C9 - Moving sample to sampler track causes crash

Every time I try to drag a sample from the project into the sample zone, Cubase 9 crashes.
And when i make sampler track and activated, I can’t see Sampler control in low zone.
sampler track.jpg

Help me.


Hi and welcome,

Make sure you have the latest Cubase update installed, please.

Where does the Audio sample come from? From an Audio track of the same project? Or from MediaBay? Or? What file format is it? How many Channels? Sample rate, bit depth…?

Thank you for your Reply.

My C9 version is 9.02 (latest ver)

Any samples can’t be loaded in Sampler track. from MediaBay, Audio track.
and any file format and sample late, bit depth.

When i activate ‘Open sampler butten’ in Sampler track, it doesn’t work. not activate Sampler Control zone in Low zone.

And when i move Sample file(mediabay, and any samples) into sampler Control from Audio Track, Stop the C9 and crash.

But when i move Sample file into Audio Track, it works.

Help me :cry:
Sample move Crush.jpg
Sampler Track problum.jpg

was the problem solved? I have the exact same problem. Latest Version of Cubase 09.0.20 64 Bit, Win 10 - 64 bit.
The Sampler Control zone ist empty and dragging a sampler file into the zone -> Crash.

Please need help.

Greetings Runamar


After the complete remove of Dorico, Cubase and Wavelab (with all Folders in System) and a fresh installation, the problem is fixed.


Does anyone have issues with longer samples? From the beginning of the 9 i always had crashes here and there when importing to sample track. Now (9.5.1)it’s impossible to drag from the right side browser to already created sampler track. Lately ive been toying more and more to take on hardware sampler. In paper itb is beautiful, cubase is perfect but in reality i’m wasting so much time doing such a basic stuff. The longer the sample the more chance that sampler track crashes. For a year ive bited my lip and thought it will be sorted and work like charm. I understand that it’s light sampler but still should respond well to longer samples(wavs)

edit: it has been only thing that crashes on me. Damn the sampler track! So inviting but…

The Sampler Control zone ist empty
When i activate ‘Open sampler butten’ in Sampler track, it doesn’t work. not activate Sampler Control zone in Low zone.

  • the same problem!
    can be solved somehow?
    cubase 9 with all updates