C9 new backup behaviour

Hi everybody and congratulations to the Steinberg team on their latest Cubase release :slight_smile:

It feels very stable and I really appreciate the efforts of the devs to design and implement all the new features and improvements of this version.

I would like to report a minor bug I just noticed:
after creating a backup of a project, C9 does no longer save, close the “old” project and change to the new one just created (the backup). The original project remains active.

Two little requests for future updates:

  1. is it possible to implement setting and resizing the locator as smooth and accurate as you can already do with any audio and midi part by pressing ctrl or cmd?

  2. could you please implement a function to select and delete more than one recent project in the steinberg hub at once? I´ve often countless projects in this list within a few days and it is a pain to clean it by deleting a project one by one.

Thank you very much and congrats once again!

This should be fixed.

This would be a major deal for me it this were the case, due to the way I need to work. As a result I have done some testing of this and I have not been able to verify this. I have been able to verify that audio files in the old location can remain locked until Cubase is closed - fair enough, possible minor bug, not a big deal, I’ve seen similar behaviour with other applications, however in my tests, doing “File | Back up project” from within an open Cubase 9 project does correctly create a copy of the current project and does correctly switch to the new copy of the project as expected.

After you select that function, you’re asked for a new location (usually create a new folder) and then you are presented with several options, including the name of the new (backup) project to create, which is pre-populated with the name of the existing project; if you don’t type in a new name, the existing project name will be retained, even though it will be in a new location (folder) and will reference the new copies of the associated media. If you haven’t provided a new name, the project name displayed in the title bar will be the same as the old project name, which, although technically correct, can be confusing.

I do not believe this to be a bug, and I suspect the OP may have overlooked to provide a new project name for the backup. In my opinion the default behaviour of pre-populating with the name of the existing project is confusing, leads to user error, and should be modified.

I use this (literally) every other day so I too have tested it. So far, after 3 CPRs, it appears to run exactly the same as in C8… which is to say, fine for my needs.

There are some feature -enhancements- I’ve wanted to see for a number of years (eg. Backup Only Within Current Locators — ie. create a new project within just a selected range of bars) but that’s another post for the Requests Forum.