C9 new backup behaviour

This would be a major deal for me it this were the case, due to the way I need to work. As a result I have done some testing of this and I have not been able to verify this. I have been able to verify that audio files in the old location can remain locked until Cubase is closed - fair enough, possible minor bug, not a big deal, I’ve seen similar behaviour with other applications, however in my tests, doing “File | Back up project” from within an open Cubase 9 project does correctly create a copy of the current project and does correctly switch to the new copy of the project as expected.

After you select that function, you’re asked for a new location (usually create a new folder) and then you are presented with several options, including the name of the new (backup) project to create, which is pre-populated with the name of the existing project; if you don’t type in a new name, the existing project name will be retained, even though it will be in a new location (folder) and will reference the new copies of the associated media. If you haven’t provided a new name, the project name displayed in the title bar will be the same as the old project name, which, although technically correct, can be confusing.

I do not believe this to be a bug, and I suspect the OP may have overlooked to provide a new project name for the backup. In my opinion the default behaviour of pre-populating with the name of the existing project is confusing, leads to user error, and should be modified.