[C9 PRO] - VST Limit : Song stops allowing some VST inserts

Hello All,

I have a question regarding the number of VST/i, and the 64 slot for VST.

Does the 64 instruments slot is for VST, VSTi, or is it cumulative ?

thank you


This seems to be VST Instrument Racks only. As a test, I just created 65 Instrument Tracks (Mystic), which was allowed. Then I add 2 more VST Instrument Racks. So I had 67 instruments.

Then I added more and more Instrument Racks up to 64. Then I wasn’t able to add more Instrument Racks. But I was able to add more Instrument Tracks. So at the end, I had 130 instruments. There is unlimited count of Instrument Tracks, as descibed.

Thank you for your answer.

I also tested the max limit with no issue but on my project.

In fact i have same issue with cubase 9 than that thread “Song stops allowing some VST inserts”, izotope show me 0x45a … :confused:


I would say, this is something else. There is an known issue with the limit of plug-ins on Windows side. Actually, this is not problem of Cubase only but (as far as I know) all DAWs. There is another thread about it here on the forum (but i can’t find it right now).

Or there is not enough memory.