(C9-PRO )Why my workspace moves by 40 measures ?

In my Project workspace, each time i move the cursor at the bottom with my mouse, it moves by slice of 40 (±) measures (my workspace moves by 40 measures) … & for months …it’s very frustrating … how can i correct this ?
Today i’ve Lost patience
Thank you !


Do I understand you right, this happens only when you use this dedicated workspace? If you use other Workspace, it doesn’t happen? What window is in the bottom of the screen? Is you mouse with button-down (in click)?

Actually, what moves? The cursor, or the window itself?

Hi Martin,
I have tried all workspace preset from Cubase & the problem is still there.
Well I have other projects which do not have this problem.
At the bottom of the workspace there is a cursor to move the grid left & right, this is the problematic cursor … i move the cursor with the left mouse bottom & it move the grids by slice of 40 measure.
When a move the mouse to the right with the left bottom of the mouse, the windows (where all my works are) move to the right by slice of 40 measure (grids) this is happen when the Zoom is less than 40 measure or grids in my workspace! … sorry my english is bad !

Could you make a video, please?

Yes , this is a short video

Shorten the project length to just a little more than the project needs. (Shift+S)


Thank You Hippo, your Right … i am so thankfull man ! … & Happy ! We will see at the American Music Award
Thanks again !

Music awards? Some high profile users around here…