C9 randomly Cut Audio, any ideas ?

there wired things happened inside new project.
Always 1 audio file in project just peak and stop playing, volume meter all red. no sound.

here is the 5 sec video with problem: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=klH3ABBmCOw

audio file are OK inside folder
if i re-open project, everything fine, but other audio will start glitches.

I’m tired & can’t find solution :frowning:


Make sure your have the latest Version update installed. Make sure your Audio Device driver is up to date. Make sure the Buffer Size is high enough.

thank you Martin for help, already did it.

the problem solved by removing Plugin Alliance from project(unload)
PA also give some error to my Kontakt vsti (don’t know why)

Anyway, after removing PA plugins everything OK.
Mystery :smiley: