C9 users, could you chime in?

Howdy Folks. I’ve asked this question a handful of times in a handful of threads and I still haven’t gotten a straight answer on what’s happened with this new version. I started a topic in pre-sales because I don’t want to buy another version that I’m not going to use. If you’re in front of Cubase 9 and can follow the link to this thread and give me some input, I would greatly appreciate it.




not in front of the dawputer atm, but i guess you could adjust your mixer zoom level to change the display of the names… (keyboard keys G and H)

Not changed yet… I’ve checked to see if there’s a setting to switch between how 8 displayed and 8.5, I can’t find one.

Hopefully we’ll get plugin rename soon.

The problem is when I widen the mixer the channels they are twice the size of what they should be. It looks silly and ridiculous.

Thanks for chiming in everyone. I am going to skip this version for now. Thanks for saving me money.