C9 Very Stable!

Last Sunday a had a “live” (Jazz club) session. As a long time Steinberg user I used my very much loved Cubase Pro 9.01 to record the session.

A 2,5 Hours session, 12 tracks, doing a latency free monitoring job for FOH controlling it with Cubase IC Pro. No problem at all!

Recording done on 2x UR 824 1x OctoPre LE, Focusrite and Neve pre-amps using only Custom build microphones. Just a Mac Mini 2011 Quad Core running Mac OS Sierra

Operating system? Comp specs? Otherwise there’s no reference.

sounds interesting recording… you should upload video :wink:
except a MC gui glitch’ cubase 9.01 seems stable here on my bedroom studio too,although i didn’t use it much yet.(still on C8.5 on studio i work full time, its time to tell them to upgrade :slight_smile: )

Well not here!
I have had 6 crashes in 3 hours with a little project. Trashed all my preferences and started from scratch, and the trying to import Midi Kentics XML files for Composer Tools, the second I hit the open button in crash again.
It’s pushing me in the arms of Logic - so to speak!! :cry:

It’s all good here.

Occasionally when I open a file from the desktop I’m getting a white screen… have to force quit and try again from within Cubase. no crashes within Cubase though.

Have started sessions in C9 and have loaded sessions from 8.5 .

Several hours on 9, and zero issues. So far it does what I need and is dependable. Can’t ask for anything more.