C9: Vids, and W7?


Not currently working here.

  1. Are there any vids of C9, if not currently, when can they be expected?

  2. Will C9 install and work on W7 Ult 64-bit?

Thanks in advance.

Ok, found the vids on the yt page.

I can now access that above link, but failed to find any system req. Does C9 install/work in W7 ult 64-bit?


According to the info on this page: Cubase: Music Production Software | Steinberg C9 should run on W7/64-bit systems. Not sure about the Ultimate version, but is there a reason to think that this would be a problem?

Ah, thank you! Couldn’t find that myself from the other link…

No - if they say it runs on W7, I am not worried about Ult being a problem.


these videos are also on utube

Pro 9 working flawlessly here on Win7 64bit Professional SP1 with no Windows updates.

I only had to run a few MS security updates to install the latest TC Electronic drivers.


Good to know - thanks!