C9 vs C8.5 Stability

Hi All,

Whilst a tad disappointed with C9 overall, I’m finding C9 very unstable. I can’t use it for more than 1 hour without a crash, whereas C8.5 will run for days/weeks without ever crashing.

Obviously I’m going back to 8.5 for now, but curious to know how things are for others.


I’ve found them to be equally stable on W10 after about fifteen total hours on C9.

Yeah I’m not having stability issues either.

I think C9 is more stable than 8 or 8.5 were at the initial release. Im on Win 10. Yesterday was playing around for a couple of hours and no issues at all, very smooth and snappy.

Is that with projects that were started in 8.5? Or fresh projects in v9? I’ve only used C9 very briefly so far and I had a crash with a project that was started in 8.5. Like you, my machine normally goes weeks without a crash.

I’ve not started any new projects in 9, they have been started in 8.5. Maybe worth starting the next project in 9.

So far 9 is very stable for me as well. once i reactivated some plugs i have gone right back to working and am using alot of the updates like lower zone and love it.

Try saving your project in C9 - if you have not done this. C9 is stable here.

I, like you, was disappointed with this upgrade, but as a whole C9 is still fantastic! IMO


C9 has been very stable for me, solid use for days. I used to get crashes of 8.5 jumping between projects, not once with 9.

I’ve yet to try the sampler but I’ve used a lot of other things.

I am finding C9 VERY UNSTABLE. iMac OSX10.12.1 16Gb memory. Mostly fails when I save. The save seems to occur and then crashes, almost as if it writes the project file and then crashes trying to write window layouts etc.

Also crashes when I look at plugins. All my plugins 64 bit, obviously and mostly iZotope and Waves.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Coming from 8.5, very stable, this is a huge concern

I too am having issues on Windows with spiking CPU and am disappointed that C8.5 is so much more stable and quite frankly, more trustworthy than C9. I have not introduced any new software and it is exactly the same computer. Perhaps C9 does not like Windows 8.1?

You could try resetting the preferences. Makes the install cleaner since you loose some of the config and settings from previously installed versions.

Safe Start Mode - Resetting The Cubase Preferences: https://www.steinberg.net/nc/en/support/knowledgebase_new/show_details/kb_show/safe-start-mode-resetting-the-cubase-preferences.html

I’ve played in loop a pretty dense mix made in 8.5 for 9 hours (with vocals, guitars, SD2 drums, omnisphere 2, kontakt 5 AND some jbriged plugins), not a glitch. W10 x64

I did some mixing on several songs(some started in 9/some old ones from 8.5.20), I also did a session (new in 9.0.1) with audio and MIDI recording/editing/tweaking/overdubbing/Melodyne/UAD2. No crashes, no weirdness, just the video service error every now and then when quitting Cubase. I also have this in 8.5.20, BTW.

I’m going to say that comments about ‘stability’ so early in a release are largely pointless. Many of us will test on new projects… or old projects that were troublesome… and neither of those are fair tests. If the new release looks good, it’s likely because it isn’t yet bogged down with all the CRAP one accumulates over time. And if it doesn’t? Well, likely it’s because SB didn’t address the bugs that are bothering -you-. Psychology.

My personal guess is that C9 is only more ‘reliable’ because it jettisons the 32 bit plugs. It doesn’t ‘feel’ any better or worse in my day to day use so far. It’s basically not a full new release… more like a .5 ‘update’. The $99 price is quite accurate of what it is in that regard. A new EQ. The lower window thingee… that’s about it.

Like the MAC user above, I’ve had 3 crashes when saving/closing projects (created in 8.5) over the last 2 days with Windows 10 & C9. The message says something like “The server threw out an exception error…” Once I click OK the 2nd error message says to save my project as the system has become unstable. I’ve never experienced this before. My Cubase 8.5 instance doesn’t randomly crash when saving/closing projects.

-My project directory has 450GB free.
-I’m not using Jbridge.
-I’m not using reactivated blacklisted plugins.

So what’s causing this new instability when Sentinel Guard is supposed to help make Cubase even more stable?

The only thing that changed on my computer was the installation of Cubase 9.01.

Not being able to use C9 for more than 1 hour without a crash is a pointless comment? Seriously?

You’re just one guy. I am -totally- sympathetic to your issues–may you get them sorted soon!

But I am about 99% sure that whatever you’re going through is not statistically significant. So far, C9 ‘feels’ to me like just another .5 update—no better or worse than 8.5. I doubt they changed anything ‘huge’ that would be ruining hundreds of pre-existing installs otherwise there would be a LOT more screaming (certainly from me!) I’m pretty sure it’s something somewhat unique to your config. I know that’s cold comfort.

Good luck,


The reason I made the comment about stability is because different users are experiencing different levels of stability. Hence, the problem is environmental. I was hoping someone would provide some guidance as to what to look at environmentally. Many thanks LarsErik - I will certainly try your suggestion.

Unfortunately, disabling preferences didn’t solve the problem - still crashing - mostly on Save As. Am getting a feeling that when I press CMD Shift S to save that it might be causing the problem. Will try and use the mouse to save