C9 won't load a cpr with a qt mov file

I had a cpr from C8.5 with a movie file included

C9 won’t load it and says “file type not supported”
Any thoughts?

The situation gets worse…
I updated the elicenser, and now Cubase 8.5 won’t open the .mov file either…

What can I do to do essential work on videos???

More than a year ago Apple has dropped all support on Quicktime and Steinberg has also officially mark it as a security risk. See this:


As far as I know Steinberg still hasn’t come up with solution for this? But someone correct me if I’m wrong?

However, you should still be able to use it as far as I know? Maybe you should reinstall it to get it to work OK again? Otherwise you should still be able to use it safely, Just make sure you don’t install the web plugin because that’s the part that always was and now has become even more vulnerable.