CA6 No Sound or Midi Comminucation SOLVED

I am having a problem getting my keyboard to communicate with Cubase (Artist 6) and also, once C6 boots up, all sounds on the computer stop (killing Cubase restores sounds). When selecting a recording option from the Project Assistant, ie Piano and Vocal, a ‘Missing Ports’ pop up box is displayed stating that Microphone High Def 1 and 2 (in) are unmapped and Speakers High Def 1AU and 2AU (out) are also unmapped. I’m assuming that this is significant but I haven’t seen anywhere in the manual or Tutorial videos that cover this. Can anyone get me going?

I am using Artist 6 with a Studio Logic VMK-88 keyboard and Tascam US-800 interface. The computer is running Win7 64bit with an i7 chip and 4gb Ram. I’m afraid I’m one of those ‘completely new to this’ folk, so your patience gratefully appreciated.

Many Thanks

You need to set up your particular hardware to work with Cubase…

Setting up MIDI is covered from page 20 in the main manual.

Page 26 of the main manual covers the ‘VST connections’ to set up the audio side of things.

The presets will complain about missing ports initially, because they’ve been created and saved on a computer that has different hardware to yours. The port settings are saved with the presets, so they’ll continue to complain until you’ve set up your own hardware and saved those presets on your computer.

Thanks for that. Ive made a bit of progress, Im now actually getting a midi signal through and Cubase will even record midi events, but there is still no sound at all. Im using Halion SE, so theres no external sound generator to worry about. Ive even imported an audio file into one of the tracks but nothing is heard on playback - not even a metronome click.
Im probably doing (or not doing) something mind numbingly simple but I’ve ground to a halt.

Can anyone help? Should I be hearing things or do I need to set up anything special with regard to the audio output from my computer?

Many Thanks