CA9 is this behavior normal?

I have a few instrument tracks with midi patterns on screen. I click on a midi pattern and it loads in the lower zone. I de-select the checkbox to show the lower zone. I click on the midi pattern again, and the lower zone is on screen again.

In preferences, under the ‘Editor’ settings, I have ‘Open Key Editor’ as the default MIDI Editor.

Are you single or double clicking. Double clicking will open the lower zone unless you’ve set the preference to open the editor in a window. Single clicking should only select the part & not open any editor.

Single clicking just turns the part a darker shade (selects it)
Double clicking loads the annoying lower zone

I’m on Windows 10 btw (if that matters)

Isn’t the preference to open the editor in a window the one I mentioned in my OP? Or is this in another location of some preferences?

I should point out in previous versions of Cubase, a double click on a part (midi pattern) would open the Key Editor in a new window (full size and wonderful) on my PC.

Now it seems to load that stupid lower zone that gets in my way. I’d just like to see it load the Key Editor like it has done for years before… Now it refuses to load it until I select the part and then click on ‘MIDI>Open Key Editor’ specifically.

I have my editors preferences setup like this and double-clicking opens the editor in a new window.
Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 7.55.31 PM.png

Bingo! That was it. I was overlooking the drop downs below the ‘default midi editor’ and had double-click in lower zone somehow selected. Which is odd as it wasn’t set to do that before… in any case it is back to ‘normal’ now opening the midi editor in a new window.

Thanks, Evertone!

Glad it worked out. Enjoy!