Cabaret Naphtol (minimal techno/vogue house/lounge/experimental/post-industrial)


And wow, It’s been around 10 years I haven’t came back to the forum, except one day or two.
So much experiences in life and music since then, so I want to share my matured sound, after trying multiple styles, peoples defined my style as a mix of minimal techno/vogue house/ 2 step (I don’t don’t what’s that)/French pop on an other project.
Of course it gave me a lead on what to focus on to accomplish Cabaret Naphtol’s sounds and I think I’ll stay on this road, so much people appreciating my late works, even in my Conservatory of Music by the music director.

So here it is:
Hope you enjoy, leave a comment if you like to for criticism or if you liked it, what you think of it.


Interesting mix of techno styles with unexpected chords and “loungey” melodies! I like it :slight_smile:

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