Cabase 3 LE

Hi all can someone shed some light. I bought a UR22C and downloaded Cabase 3LE on my iPad and it unlocked as stated. When I tried to use the built in apps as midi instruments it said I needed to upgrade for £28.99 which I did. Now when I launch it it says Cubase 3 and I can have as many midi channels as I want but on paypal it comes up as a pre-approved payment plus if I am on the app store I see cubase 3 and it is £48.99. Can anyone shed any light on this?

Hi @mixstah,

Thank you for your message and welcome to the Cubasis forum!

Once Cubasis LE is unlocked via a supported audio device, it is possible to update Cubasis LE with the same features of Cubasis via the Full Feature Set in-app purchase option.

If you have purchased the Full Feature Set IAP, your Cubasis LE app version should now have the same features as Cubasis.

While the app icon and name remains unchanged, the launch screen of the app should show a Cubasis logo. Alongside, you should no longer see any LE-related limitation pop-ups.

Regarding the pre-approved payment, please check back with Apple, who fully manages the purchase process.

Hope that helps!

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