Cabase AI7 on two PC ?

hi guys,

I have installed and registerd Cubase AI7 which came as OEM bundle from Moxf8 ,on my desktop and all are working fine. Now , I wish to install/register the same Cubase and VST’s ( Steinberg Prologue and YC-3B) onto my PC laptop.
1// Can this be done ?
2// If so, what are the procedures and processes.

I have tried to obtain answer s from Steinberg s support, but ,no solid answers.,rather confusing though… :question:

Thank you for help in advance.


I sent you a PM.

Hi Joshua,

Thanks for the PM, however I don t seem to be able to reply you under PM ?


Hi Joshua,

FInaly found how to create and sent a PM. However , I was trying to look for a reply to your PM,but to no avail. :open_mouth: :smiley:


Also I want to know if the option is possible.

I hope I can switch between two pcs as long as I don’t use it at the same time.

I consider to upgrade to the full version. Can I use the ai version on laptop and the full version on the desktop without the e-license issue?

Cubase AI7 is an OEM program and you will need to purchase an optional USB-eLicenser key in order to be able to install the AI7 program onto multiple computers (both Mac and PC) and then you can go back and forth from machine to machine using the USB-eLicenser key.

You can purchase a new blank Steinberg USB-eLicenser key from a local Steinberg dealer in your area or you can order one directly from our online Steinberg shop at

Can you please confirm this? As I understand, buying an USB-eLicenser is a MUST if I wish to instal Cubase Ai 7 both on my laptop and my desktop?


Sry for the late reply, was travelling and rather busy.


I had a USB e-licence from my precious Cubase SE product. Now using it both on my Mac at home and my PC laptop when I travel. Works perfectly.