Cable for UR44C

Hi, Strange that the Steinberg UR44C interface doesn’t ship with a USBC to USBC cable…go figure, so I bought a cable…and it doesn’t work, it seems the cable I bought is only suitable for charging,
when I started looking for a cable that would work it stated to get complicated,
would a 40Gbps USB4 Thunderbolt 4 Cable with 8K Video work? Steinberg recomends a full featured USBC cable…what does that mean?
can any kind person on this forum point me at a cable that will do the trick please?
thanks in advance.

A « full featured USBC cable » only means that it’s NOT a charging cable, it needs to have the « data » pins routed also.
Any semi-cheap « DATA cable » will do, sometimes also called « transfer cable ». You will have the exact same performance with a $12 cable than with an $80 Thunderbolt cable.

Thank sfor the clarification my friend…much apreciated.