Cabtabile with HALion 1.6?

I’ve been using Cantabile Performer with NI instruments for a few weeks. I want to add HALion Sonic (HS) to a rack. I added HS to a rack by itself with MIDI In set to [Any] and [Omni]. I opened (using Edit) HS and added a few brass instruments.

The brass instruments trigger from HS’s on-screen keyboard and the MIDI lights flash. In other words, HS produces sound. When I try to play it from a MIDI keyboard, it DOES NOT sound and the lights don’t flash, yet other instruments do.

I close HS and go to Cantabile’s on-screen keyboard. No sound from the on-screen keyboard. I added 4FrontPiano to the rack and it sounds from the on-screen keyboard (and my other physical black n’ white keyboards as well as the computer keyboard). I put additional instruments in the same rack on both sides of HS (with MIDI Pass Thru on) and the surrounding instruments sound, but not HS. Opening HS from Edit, I get sounds from HS’s keyboard–and the MIDI lights in HS come on. Triggering from the black 'n whites, the surrounding instruments sound, but not HS, and HS lights don’t indicate MIDI.

To summarize, HS only works from it’s own keyboard (i.e. it DOES produce sound). Yet, even though other instruments, IDENTICALLY CONFIGURED, are playable from MIDI keyboards, HS does not sound and the MIDI lights don’t come on when notes are played.

It appears that MIDI isn’t getting to the instantiation of HALion. Yet, it gets to the rack.

Stumped. Any ideas?