Cache in Dorico

Can I delete the contents of the cache in Dorico?
If I take an existing project as a template and delete the contents of the bars, I would like that it disappears from *.dorico.
Is there a way to solve it?

Yes you can delete the contents of the cache in the temporary folder without any problems, as long as Dorico isn’t running.

For the second question, do you mean that you want it to disappear from the recent file list? If so then there isn’t any automatic way of doing that.

There’s no automatic way to do it, but you can right-click on the entry in the recent files list in the Hub window and choose the option from the context menu to remove it.

It is for me only about the size of the file *.dorico.
A file which I take as a Template has, e.g., 2 MByte.
After the extinguishing of all notes it has approx. 1.8 MByte.
For comparison a new file has only approx. 400 Kbyte
I would like to be able to remove the contents with his History from the File *.dorico.

The difference in size will be due to the VST audio engine data. Try doing Play > Apply Default Playback Template after removing all the notes, then save your project: it should be much smaller.

Daniel, you are right, these are the VST engine data, I didn’t think of that.
Thank you very much.