Cache issue with Nuendo rendered WAV files

Normally, in my setup/preferences, WL11 creates .GPK files in the same folder as the .WAV file.

UNLESS I open a file that was exported from N12.

When this file is opened the file ‘Tab’ has a yellow corner

and the .GPK file is created in /appdata/steinberg/etc

Saving the file as new file in WL and reopening ‘fixes’ the issue and the .GPK file is saved in the same folder as the wav as expected - but the /appdata/ .GPK version obviously remains

Win10 - file/folder permissions are all fine. Peak File Behaviour preferences seem correct.

Is there a reason for this or is it some kind of bug ?

What is the exact workflow you have? Let’s say you have Nuendo opened and not WaveLab. What do you do next, exactly?

these are files that are exported from Nuendo as a final export when the project is finshed, I’m not using WL within Nuendo

to be clear :slight_smile:

Finish project in Nuendo - export as .wav - close Nuendo

Open file in WL11 - this shows yellow corner in tab - and .GPK file is written > /appdata/

if that makes sense ?

I’ll check later but I don’t remember this happening in C11 exports (or C12?)

investigating further - selecting the option

iXML chunk = on

during the final export creates the issue.

deselecting this (iXML = off) on export means that the ‘yellow corner’ does not appear on an exported file and the .GPK file is created in the correct folder.

I think WL is using the iXML chunk data to indicate that the file that is being currently edited WITHIN Nuendo and hence dumps the .GPK in the /appdata/cache folder. Strictly speaking this isn’t correct (IMO!)