Cache Issue wth external SSD hosting project

Hi there

Ive got lots of issues with cubase 12 recently.

The worst one is that i got pretty bad cache spikes while playing vertain project.

  • and all of a sudden, a reaaaally loud distortion noise, that wont stop.*

And sometimes, even on fairly small project, i lose the audio for no reason, untill a increase the buffer size, but ive got a good system and i shouldnt have to do that i think, my CPU never goes over 20%.
My SSD maybe at fault, tho its recent and fast , and i ran a diagnostic and everything seems fine with it.

Maybe Fireface 802 related also, i dont know.

NOt sure what to do here, ive re instaled everything a few month ago already.

AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core Processor               3.80 GHz
    RAM 	128 Go
   Windows 10, cubase 12.70,
   SSD hosting project  (samsung PSSD T7)
  Sound card: fireface 802 RME

a quick video of what happens


Try to increase your Audio Device’s Buffer Size, please.

Try to use LatencyMon utility to inspect your system, please.

Hello thx for the reponse.

Buffer is at Max

Does this problem also occur when you open the project from another (internal) drive?

Hey, yeah ive tried on several internal and external, its working ok, but then again, today its working on the original SSD, i guess its pretty random, or maybe it happens after some time working on the same project.

Ok, here is an article with several potential fixes:

Let us know if one of them fixed your problem!

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