Caches and thus hard drive suddenly filled

Today when applying the Transfer tool to a stereo Snare layer in SL11, to move kick drum residuals to the Kick drum layer (no other layers in the project) of a 3 minute song in 96 kHz 24 bits the program suddenly halted and said there was no more than 200 MB left on my hard drive so instability may occur.
Then the system (Sonoma 14.5) complained and said the cache was full.
Then SL11 crashed.

The hard drive had hundreds of GB free before I started SL11.

I had the impression that each time I used the Transfer tool the process of transferring got more and more sluggish and, hrm, tired. The spectral window started disappearing for half a second each time I released the mouse button and this progressed with longer and longer disappearances until the crash.

So I opened the caches folder (User/computername/Library/Caches/Steinberg) and found no less than 1194 pcm files, each one at 281,3 MB size. All of them were created during this short 20 minutes session .

I have now directed SL11 to another completely empty drive for the cache duties.

But this signals a malignant behavior from SL11. What’s up?

The computer is a Mac Studio Max M1 with 64 GB memory.

Thanks for reporting, I’ll investigate to see if I can repro the issue.

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I’ve had something similar happen in Windows when working on a 40-minute piece which I had ran the Unmix Crown Noise on. I don’t think it’s related to that though.

I was using the Transfer Brush to move bits from the “crowd” layer back to the foreground layer.

Exactly this.

It was as though each time I transferred a selection, the entire file (~110MB) was copied to a new temporary file (*.pcm) in the cache folder. When I closed the project, the cache folder was emptied, however in a long session, it will keep filling the cache folder until it runs out of storage.

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Thank you Robin for having a look at this!

I’ve tried again with the same kick and snare files and managed very well to tidy up the snare layer and put the kicks in the kick layer, using a combo of the Transfer tool sending single kicks “upwards” to the top kick layer, and cut to layer below sending groups of adjacent kicks “downwards”. A pretty fast and elegant way to clean up, I think. And then I merged the “cut to layer below” layer with the kick layer.

All good.

BUT… when I after having saved the project and closed SL11 I found that the the new and previous empty Cache folder now contained 1557 pcm files à 283,8 MB. That’s 441,39 GB that SL11 created in 25 minutes!

There’s definitely something wrong with the way SL11 handles the cache.

I confirm I can repro the issue. I’ll make sure this is fixed with the upcoming patch.


Thanks so much for prompt reaction!