CAD e70 vs Sure SM58

Hi, i am using a CAD e70 to record vocals at the moment, i was always told to use dynamic for recording vocals, but the guy at the counter told me to use this on vocals as well, so i started using it since i don’t have a proper vocal mic yet. i am thinking about investing in a sure sm58 for vocals. will this give me a better sound than the e70? or should i invest more money to get a noticeable better sound?? also, any other recomendations for vocal mics? use for heavy shouting/screaming metal vocals for the most part

Since I don’t have the CAD e70 I can’t comment on that but I will say that the SM58 is a fine vocal mic for heavy metal singing. But, if you can afford a few more bucks I would purchase the SM 58 Beta. Now you will have a very good mic for any kind of vocal.

If you are lucky enough to have a music dealer nearby (like a Guitar Center) ask to try them out before purchasing. Or, purchase from an on line dealer that will let you return stuff for 30 - 45 days if you don’t like it like Musician’s Friend does.

Regards. :sunglasses:

Ok thanks for the input, I will check both mics out. The e70 isn’t bad, but I feel like I need the dynamic mic for the style I’m going to be recording. I was not aware the sm58 beta existed so thanks for bringing up that comparison