Caesura automatically applied to all instruments

Hello all,

I’m working on a chamber piece in which I want the piano to have caesuras (indicating a clean/clear gap in sound) while other instruments hold long sustained notes. When I try to put in the caesuras (“caesurae”?) for the piano, however, Dorico automatically creates one for every instrument, and I can’t seem to manually remove them, even in engrave mode. Any thoughts or suggestions?


You could always use a different symbol like a breath mark or the check-mark-like ‘tick’ symbol. A little footnote stating that ticks indicate a clean lift in the piano part would be perfectly clear. Alternatively, you could potentially shorten the previous duration in the piano rhythm a touch and add a fermata or or hold symbol to the rest.

If it is not a strictly metered piece, any measure where the piano has to lift and the others sustain, if it is not a problem, you could also give that particular measure an extra beat if you do not want to change your current notation and put a rest in that beat in the piano only. I obviously don’t know your score so these may or may not be appropriate.

The other work around would be to use the shift+X popover to add the caesura symbol manually into the score in a mini text box and then size and place it where you want without actually affecting the playback of the score.

Hmm, ok. Thanks for the ideas!