Caesura duration in playback

Merely adding something to the wish-list:

Just as we have control over the percentage of slowing or accelerating in the Properties Panels for markings such as “ritenuto,” “rallentando,” and so forth, with regard to how playback is affected, it would be great if the caesura marks (breath marks, railroad tracks) could be controlled in the same way with a specific duration for the sake of playback.

I would wish the same for fermatas as well, but clearly you folks are having an internal debate about how to handle this tricky aspect of notation.

I might suggest that your Layouts Options page could give us some choices about how fermatas are handled:

  1. Traditional style where a fermata on any beat in a measure generates a whole rest fermata in resting parts, or a fermata over the last moving note in a part that has rhythmic content. I.E. 19th century convention, which is, sadly, always inconsistent, even when, as in opera scores, it really needs to be more specific.
  2. A much needed default that reads a fermata over a particular note and then parses it out rhythmically and renders it as a marking in every other part, dividing up rests in order to do so.
  3. And then there needs to be an over-ride so that one can edit option (1) above in a useful (if inauthentic) way, or edit option (2) as necessary so that it is not so pedantic.

Eventually, I would hope that the definition of how long fermatas stretch out time in relation to tempo within playback could become part of the Properties Panel.

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+1. That would be great. But for now the workaround for duration is just to assign a hidden slow tempo as desired and then restore the prevailing tempo after. Not too painful. as far as workarounds go. But I am sure you know this! I mention it here for reference for people who may be searching this concept on the forum.