Caesura in piano staves

OK, so a caesura in a standard piano part with two staves just shows the caesura mark in the bottom staff.

Now, in engrave mode, if hiding empty staves of multi-staff instruments is enabled and the bottom staff in the piano is empty, it only shows the top one and no caesura for that matter. Additionally, a multi-measure rest before the caesura is broken, so it just shows an empty bar there. This looks like a bug to me.


Can you demonstrate an instance where it would be appropriate to have a caesura on a single, otherwise empty, piano stave?

(I’m not disagreeing that it’s invalid on a technical level, but I’m wondering where it would be valid on a musical level)

I do not get this at all. When I apply a caesura, it works exactly like a fermata in that it appears on every staff, including both staves of a piano grand staff.

A caesura would normally appear on both staves of a double-staved part.

Huh, OK, interesting. Reading your comments I tried a new project and it shows the caesura on both staves, indeed. And I also found out what is the problem in my existing project: right in the next bar after the caesura (or technically in the bar in which the caesura is applied to the first beat) I have a slash region, and that is hiding the caesura.

Nevertheless, it breaks the multi-measure rest; I’d prefer if that could be retained and the caesura be shown regardless. Is that a thing or totally uncommon?

I don’t think you could show a caesura without breaking the multi-rest, because then it’s totally ambiguous as to where the caesura actually is.

You could probably attach the caesura at a slightly later rhythmic position and then drag it back visually (in Engrave Mode) to avoid breaking the multi-rest.

Dragging the caesura in WRITE mode slightly to the left will make the hidden caesura visible.