Caesura & rests

I’m sure there’s a simple way of doing this, but I can’t quite work it out…

Is it possible to make the caesura at bar 33 appear between two minim rests in the ripieno parts instead of it obscuring a whole bar rest?

Input two half note rests in those bars using Force Duration:

Sorry Lillie I did already try that before posting, & couldn’t get it to work - I must be missing something really obvious.
Here you can see I have selected the rest that I want to split into two minim rests. In the notes toolbox I’ve selected note input, forced duration and rests. But when I try to enter the rests by pressing the space bar, the cursor just moves along in minim intervals & there’s no change to the rest duration. There must be something else I’m missing!
Am I wrong in trying to enter the rests by pressing the space bar? If so , how do I do it?

Oops! just discovered how to do it!
All OK for now…

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