Cailbration Discrepancy of 3db in setup

I was just setting up subgrouping in a new template and used channel presets from an old template.
A test generator (on utility track in pic) issues a -18db test tone and sends at unity gain to the busses in question. All is good except for Buss A which was added after the initial setup and it is 3db over. It can be clearly seen that Buss B and C in the pic are fine.
There are no engage plugins on this track…as far as I can see it is identical to the others…any ideas?


Does the A bus have different count of channels? I can see the panner looks different from the other panners.

Or am I wrong?

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No…thanks for your quick observations
My Bad
Trap for the inexperienced…I had combined panner on and it was L&R = 0 ie mono sub hence + 3 for doubled signal

Can you assign pre/post pan to the channel meter somewhere? Would have been instant fix

Also is there any equivalent of the old simple monomaker plug from previous versions…I only have a 32bit


Right-click on the meter in the MixConsole, scroll down in the drop-down menu to the Global Meter Settings. Here, you can choose Meter Position:

  • Input
  • Post-Fader
  • Post-Panner

But that isnt for the individual meter though? Obviously global…but not a big deal but will use that for troubleshoot if there is a next time…

Thanks for your reply


Yes, it is global. And unfortunately the settings is linked with the Meter Bridge too.

Thanks for your help…this is all managed now and much of the workflow is coming along…just the issue with macro like multiple remote initiated commands is the only real issue I cant see addressed