Cakewalk VS700C Controller and Cubase

Well guys…here I am. 12 years after starting Sonar, I have decided to make the switch. Only been using Cubase for around 5 days ( and even that more monkeying around), I LOVE IT. I wish I had taken the leap years ago.

Here is my issue:

I have a Cakewalk VS700C. It if a fantastic controller. However, I can not for the life of me get it to work correctly inside Cubase. When I attach it as a Macke Control unit (which is ALL it will respond to), it wigs out…sometimes works other times doesn’t, and generally makes life hell.

Does anyone have any experience with setting this thing up with Cubase? Am I just spinning my wheels? Should I just go buy a MCU with an extender and be done with it?

I am really hoping the the forums are friendly and useful here. One of the reasons I stuck with Sonar for SOOO long was the community. We take care of each other over there. Anyway…thx for any help!

Sorry, you’re out of luck, the VS700C will ONLY work with Sonar. If you have decided to switch and never look back, then probably your best bet is to sell it and then buy the CMC modules. I have all of them (and 4x FD’s) and I love them.

Hi bigboi - and welcome.

According to the Sound On Sound review, the VS700C “… even does Mackie Control emulation, so you can use it to a more limited extent with other audio software.”, so it should be possible to use it with Cubase.


Thx guys. I am going to play around with it tonight. I will report back.

I know about the supposed Mackie compatibility, but as far as I know, it just doesn’t work. At least I know another person who tried and failed.

Ok…so worked with it in the studio tonight (

I was able to get the basics implemented. Transport working…faders going. But the buttons…wow…they are labeled one way…but when you push them they totally do something else. And I can not figure out how to reprogram them. Oh well. I will sell this thing and go with an MCU with an extender! Loving Cubase. LOVE IT. When I have some time, I will go into detail about my transition…as it will be beneficial for some of you long time Cubasers to hear. Cakewalk lost their way.