Calibrate function gives incorrect results with iRig HD

while the iRig hd has no output one can connect a microphone to it instead of a guitar for the calibrate function to work.
Without a micophone one can click it but gets arbitrary results.
But the results seems or are wrong, because the values are too long. About 10ms off.
Manually setting the value to the displayed latency + selected latency seems to be the more accurate value.
It can not be set exactly though.

Strangely, the displayed device latency can obviously change while running.

Sure the irig hd is no longer sold it still works well.
Not clear what the issue is.

Hi @111378,

Thanks for your message.
Please let me know what you want to achieve/what you’re after first.


sorry the forum reply email was sorted in the spam folder, only have seen it by chance today.
I’d like to achieve “in sync” recordings with Cubasis so what the device latency settings are intended for. To compensate for device/iPadOS/Cubasis latency when recording the iRig HD. I kind of achieved it by try and error, because the “Calibrate” function did not work. As described results where obviously wrong and/or inconsistent.
Maybe “Calibrate” works only with audio interfaces which have Input and Output.
With the iRid HD lacking an Output my setup for calibrate was the following:
IPad → iRig HD (input) → a Microphone. When pressing “Calibrate” the iPad plays a sound which the Microphone records. So should be equal to the internal microphone setup.

Hi @111378,

Thanks for your message.

Normally there should be no problems to achieve fairly good latencies under iOS.

I would recommend to keep things simple and give it a start to set “Audio Engine Latency” and “Audio Rec. Offset Compensation” to “OFF”.

Once done, please choose a fairly low “Device Latency” value, which does not create any playback/recording issues.

Normally, this should work great to create great music with ease… :slight_smile:

Please let me know if this helps and work for you!

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