Call a VST window to the front and center?

Is it possible to summon a VST instrument’s dialog/window to jump to the center and at the top most visible layer? It can really get cluttered with many VST windows.



possibly with screensets?

Thanks for the tip!

I use Workspaces. Alt + 1 thru 9.

For instance, work space #1 is always just the main track view.

2 is my Mixer view [Mixer #3].

3 is BDF or SD 2 Drums.

4 & # 5 are Kontakt 4 & 5 respectively. That way I know if I want to edit an instrument in either, I just have to hit Alt + 4 or Alt + 5.

Alt + 9 is all my reverbs.


+1. Same here.
Forum member SteveinChicago really helped me to get my head around using ‘Workspaces’.

Very useful, thanks for the tip.

Only just switched back to Cubase from Logic, and I was struggling to find an alternative solution to Logic’s s screensets, as I am really dependant on a fast, smooth workflow.

You’re welcome - took me a few minutes to figure out the layout & organization of it, ie: the window you’re on is the one the newly loaded VST will display in when you call it up via the F11 VST Instruments, until or unless you close it & reopen it in the window workspace number you want it in, posted as my prefs above.

[One handy thing about that though, is that there isn’t any saving to do. If you open another VST it will remain there even when you switch back & forth to other Window/Workspace numbers.]

But then when I went to Window>Workspaces>Organize and fiddled around a bit, I could set them up in order and also click ‘Auto Instantiate Presets’ for them to be setup globally, which saves me quite a bit of time.

I need to get into workspaces, and some of the other screen features in the Mac itself, I’m really lazy with that stuff. TBH I actually limit channel/track counts because of real estate, which is good and bad, but a pathetic thing to do for music.

great tip

No need if you’re using 7.5! Take advantage of the ‘Track Visibility’ feature in the main track view, and also consider using Track Folders to combine & reduce tracks that you don’t need for a while.

Sometimes I’ll have just 2-4 tracks visible at a time and hide the rest.

Easy enough to just click them back into view.
I Sync them to the mixer[s] as well. Too easy! :slight_smile: