Call "configuration" from MIDI Controller

Hello, Cubase community.

Does anyone tried to resolve the following tasks?

  1. I need to switch from monitoring one set of tracks to a different set of tracks. For example, for live performances, I’m monitoring midi tracks 3, 4, 5. On the next song, I need quick transition and monitor tracks 6, 7. Is there any way to map QC or midi-remote to enable monitoring of certain tasks and disable monitoring of others?

  2. in combination with it, need to change mixing config. For example to call out a different mixing snapshot?

  3. Any way to change presets or turn on/off certain rack instruments with midi remote control?

basically, is there a way to “memorize” configuration (tracks which are being monitored), mixing settings, VST instruments config and call out that “memorized” template by a button from midi controller?

Thank you.

If you have your preferences set so monitoring is activated on selected channels, you can use PLE presets to select tracks from a variety of identifiers.

You can add keyboard commands and PLE presets to a macro in order to perform multiple tasks from a single keyboard shortcut.

Although you can use Cubase for live performances, and many do, there might be other tools out there that would suit your workflow in a live situation a bit better. Have you looked at the recently released VST Live by Steinberg?

Hello, mlindeb!

Thank you for you response! I was not aware about PLE! This helped me to resolve part of an problem - Now I can enable/disable monitoring of tracks I need.

I’ve also explored macros function. However, I’ve still found an option how to recall particular Mixer settings (shapshots).

I understand that Cubase doesn’t mean for live performances. There other tools for it like, Cantabile or VST Live or GigPerformer, etc. However, I’m using cubase for Reherasals. So, I resolve to problems - I’m recording multitracks of all instruments, as well as our keyboard player plays via VST instruments. And we want to be able to switch between songs by using assigned midi controller buttons. And yes, we’re using Steingerg Halion instruments as well as others.

There is one more question - is there a way to call certain template via QC midi command of a VST Rack instrument? For example, I’m using arturia B3 organ, as VST rack instrument, but I want to be able to switch between different templates within the instrument by name of the template. Is it possible at all? Or at least “memorize” the current state of all VST rack instruments and call them out b QC command.

Thank you!