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In my tired state of mind and frustration having installed some plugins on my mates Windows 10 Cubase 7.5. In the vst2 plug in path setting I put the location path C:/ Drive. Well you can imagine all sorts of crap was being searched and it’s never ending with Cubase not starting. Can anyone tell me if I can delete that path search C:/ Drive or is the best solution than reinstalling Cubase 7.5.Ideally there might be file/setting in a folder that deletes the default locations. Thanks in advanced. :open_mouth:

This is what I would try first but I’m not sure if using the Cubase Safe Start Mode would allow you to get to the VST manager and delete that entry then restart Cubase in normal mode with the deletions still saved.

Link to how to find the Cubase preferences files. If you find what you want, just make sure you make a copy of that file before making any changes.

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Edited to correct the 2nd link

Thanks for that. I’ll let you know Monday if that works.

Good luck… fingers crossed for you. :wink:

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Prock I cant thank you enough deleting the VST2 plug-ins and instruments - Vst2xPlugins.xml sorted that issue. Phew.