Calling all VST boffins and wizards

Please help
I’ve posted this request before but had no replies. I am trying to get blue arp to work with cubase 7 elements but having no joy. I have tried every possible way of doing it but I still can not get it to trigger a soft synth or a keyboard.
I’ve set up the midi output to the midi input to the synth but still nothing!
So I’m looking for some top boffin to help me with this.
I’m still a bit of a beginner so I need help in idiot speak.
Hope someone can help

(do you know if there’s a demo version of Blue Arp, and, more importantly for me here, a Mac version?)

I’ve just downloaded it and set it up, it works fine.

So (a) thanks for that - looks good!

I guess I should try and help you out in return…

  1. Create a new project
  2. Hit F11 and create a new VST Instrument, which will be the BlueARP.
  3. Allow Cubase to make a new track for the Blue Arp.
  4. Create a new part (I made mine 4 bars long), open it up in the editor and create a chord. Again, I just drew in a simple C major chord (C, E, G) lasting 4 bars.
  5. Create a new instrument track with a synth in it that will definitely make a sound.
  6. In the inspector, change the input of this track to “BlueARP MIDI Out” (this isn’t totally necessary, but if it doesn’t appear then you know that a previous step hasn’t worked, and it also means your keyboard definitely won’t sound the synth, so if you hear a sound, it’ll be from BlueArp)
  7. Set the synth track to “monitor on” - the little orange speaker button.
  8. Set Blue Arp to an interesting pattern (Simple 4k Up is the first one, works fine)
  9. Press play, you should be in business.

Hope that helps.

Djaychela thanks for your reply
Tried all you suggested but still nothing. I am soo frustrated I don’t know what I’m doing wrong here.
When I press play the blue arp starts and is receiving a midi signal but no sound !
Should I be setting anything up in the audio settings?
Thanks for you patience

Can you hear the synth you set up in step 5 if you play it with a keyboard, if the input is set to ‘all midi inputs’?

I get sound from the soft synth if I press a key on the piano roll yes

Here is what I’ve got
Blue arp midi track input is= blue arp midi out
Input = bluearp midi in
I have created a 4 bar chord C in the blue arp midi track
Monitor is on

Input is = bluearp midi output
Output is Jv 1080 sound module
When I press play blue rap gets a signal but no sound

I’m not sure that’s clear (or right!)

You should have two tracks as in my post above.

Track 1: A MIDI track, with the chord part on it. Being sent to the Blue Arp VST Instrument (which is created in the VST Instruments rack).

Track 2: A VST Soft synth, whose MIDI input is from the Blue Arp VST Instrument. Its monitor should be on.

That should work when you press play.

It sounds to me from your description that you have the BlueArp track feeding back into itself (you say its input is the Blue Arp MIDI out).

Weird !! got it to work but probably not the way its supposted to. Im going to mess about with it
Still think the input output options are all wrong on mine.
Ill ley you know how i get on
Thanks for taking the time to try and help me

Excellent - thank you very much. Pressed the monitor button & it all worked.

Still helpful, thanks.

Holy post resurrection, Batman!

Seriously, though, always nice to know that something you posted ages ago is still useful!