calling Logical editor geniuses


It would be nice if one could use a “lasso” in the velocity section of the midi editor (to only select all notes above a cetain value)

since this isnt possible (yet?) I call on you , oh logical editor geniuses who can actually use the dang thing
(its still a a cryptic hogwash guessing game to me that one could easily improve on)

PLEase assist me in: “select all notes above X velocity”

(btw, the logical editor preset selection could also have a little section in the massive amounts of freespace in the midi editor inspector browser on the left side:P )

thank you very much… whoever… :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, unless I am misreading your request, a proper “lasso” (which would indeed be a very valuable addition to the available tools) isn’t necessary here, inasmuch as velocities with the same value have the same “height” in the velocity lane, therefore the existing selection tool (which forms a rectangle as you drag it) will indeed capture any events within that rectangle (and velocities below won’t be selected).

Btw, in case anyone didn’t know, when in the Key Editor, with the Select Tool active in the main body of the window, and it changes to the Pencil Tool when you descend to the velocity lane, just hold down the Alt [Option] key to get the Select Tool in the velocity lane :wink:.

But, if you would rather do that via the Logical Editor…

Upper Section…
Type is___Equal___Note___And
Value 2 (Velocity)Bigger[enter desired value here]

Lower Section…
[leave blank]

Function = “Select”.

powered down, layin in bed already:P

somehow i wasn’t able to select multiple velocities earlier in the lane… might have been a glitch in cubase or on my part…idk…lol— > hence the logical editor request…

will test when im up again…

thanks a lot for your help=)


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Give this a try, take one of the Logical Editor “Delete velocities below…” presets (in Standard Set 2), then edit it to do a “Transform” function rather than a “Delete”. You’'l then just need to add in a line for the Transform value. See attached, this will take any notes with a velocity below 35 and add 25 to them. I tested it out and it worked ok.

Depending on what your doing it may be better to change the filter too… from “Equal” to “Inside range”, you can make one “Inside range x and y” and make a few copies of the preset with different velocity ranges you typically work with.

Hope this helps:

hey guys n gals

been audio-multitasking - hence the delay…lol


i missed that ALT function!

Thanks so much=)

vic- log.editor worked like a charm, thx=)
xerogh- good call, thx=)

(i always forget what values are 1,2,3 etc - why not write what it is in the first place? :stuck_out_tongue:… anywho )

thanks again for all your help everybuddy=)