Calling performEdit from audio thread

Hi All,

I’m working on implementation of VST 3 hosting in my app and found a plugin that’s calling IComponentHandler::performEdit from the processor in response to calling its IAudioProcessor::process method. ie: it’s calling back on the audio thread.

My understanding is that this method is for the edit controller to pass parameter changes to the host/processor and not for anything else. Have I misunderstood, how should a host handle this? Should it just ignore these calls if they’re on the wrong thread?

I’ve emailed the plugin developer about it but would be nice to get official clarification.


IComponentHandler::performEdit could only be called from the edit controller part and from the main UI thread !

the host could check the thread ID and does not interpret this call if it is in RealTime Audio Thread,
and inform the company developing this kind of plugin.


Thanks Yvan.

That’s what I expected but good to have formal clarification and I’ve let the plugin developer know.