Calling Rewire (Reason) and Cubase Gurus - Volume CC7

I’ve just started using Reason 9 and what a fantastic piece of software it is!

I’m also using VEPro6 to host a multitude of sample libraries, which while they start out big, with the optimisation engine in VEPro; it whittles it down to something just above what Cubase is using for itself even though it (Cubase) has no sample libraries instanced which is very efficient in terms of workflow such as opening and closing projects.

Regarding Reason, I open my programs in this order:

  • VEPro (then open a .vep Server Project)
  • Cubase (no .cpr Project opened at this stage)
  • Reason (open .reason Project file or instance instruments and create necessary rack connections)
  • Open Cubase Project

I’ve learned that inputs coming back into Cubase from Reason are mono only (bar Mix 1 and 2, which I no longer use as some synths in Reason are mono anyway) so a Group Track is necessary to make the each mono “pair” into stereo, while panning the two mono input sources left and right accordingly.

One thing I have no idea about though is how to automate Volume. In VEPro, I am using SampleTank and it accepts CC7 on any MIDI channel but not so Reason, the only device I could send a volume message to was the Malstrom so if anyone has any expertise here it would be greatly appreciated.

why not simply record your tracks into cubase and go from there?


All tracks (MIDI) are in Cubase of course but I don’t want to have to automate devices in Reason using its’ (Reasons) sequencer since that would require me to save a Reason project as well as a Cubase project and I’d rather just keep all data inside Cubase, other than presets created in Reason.

Also, I’d prefer to use MIDI for automation rather than program automation inside Cubase and/or Reason; even though the sequencers are sample accurate locked (I do use the playback buttons from Reason, as Cubase currently has issues with ALT + TAB and minimize since the Windows desktop is now allowed to be shown while Cubase is running).

Thanks for the reply.

yeah, hi…

that doesn’t make sense to me…

you have to save the project in reason as well anyway…
and if you want to use a “live” midi knob to control a parameter on the fly (not to record it) , just set up your controller in reason…

am i missing something here?

I found this tutorial:

but there is no option under Advanced MIDI, only to change the on-screen MIDI keyboard.