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Could someone please tell me how to remove the indication circled in yellow?
[Uploading: Screenshot 2023-01-13 alle 22.15.06.png…F()

Welcome to the forum, Pasquale. I’m afraid your attachment didn’t make it to the forum – could you please try again?

Thank you, we hope this time goes well.

We’d need to know what comes next, perhaps even a sample Dorico file that exhibits the problem.

If you are creating exercises, perhaps creating the next system as a new flow or as a Coda (and removing the indent and hiding the Coda indication) will give you what you need.

Esattamente, vorrei creare alcuni esercizi, ma non sono riuscito a capire la procedura.
Fulgoni p. 38.dorico (807.1 KB)

Thanks, Pasquale. The solution here is to use a separate flow for your next exercise.

Thanks, can you tell me where can I find this information for the Elements version?

You can start here:

Thanks, I had already read, but does this procedure also apply to the Elements version?

Yes, indeed.

Thanks, I can manage streams, but I can’t combine them. I need a staff with notes and a staff without. When I go to full score I only see the staves containing the notes, the empty one does not appear.

I’m not quite sure what you want to do. Do you want to show just one staff of a two-staff instrument like a piano, or do you want to show different combinations of instruments in different flows? If you can say a bit more about what you’re trying to do we should be able to help.

Thanks, I succeeded! I just wanted to get what you see in the screenshot, but without the time signature at the end. With streams I succeeded but it’s not exactly intuitive. But once you get used to it it should become a quick job.