Came back to test again - but will use other iOS DAW

Still feels pretty buggy and that all would be NO PROBLEM if it wouldn’t be Steinberg and the app would be appropiately cheaper. But that makes it very annoying. I cannot use it as it is. Seems, iOS isn’t that serious for Steinberg, just one person seems to answer here (poor guy). From a developers view it’s doing great but as a customer you expect offered functions to work properly at this price.

these are just the main problems:

-moving notes is annoying, just works when really zooming in and then not being able to set properly (Look at Nano Studio 2 , there is a brilliant iOS friendly solution)
-In seperate mixdowns still information (I think fx) is transfered to the wrong track

I’m NOT looking for an answer / work around, suggestion. I simply won’t use it, might check back later but i have a certain opinion now about Steinberg.

Hi Reensen74,

Thank you for your message.

Cubasis is one of the leading DAWs on iOS, be assured the app is taken very seriously by us, which you also can see by the number of constant updates.

The next update is already in the making, which will bring significant performance improvements, also when using AU plug-ins and much more.

Please have a look at our dedicated MIDI editor tutorial, to see if it is helpful for you.

Also, please note that all editors in Cubasis 3 have their own menu bar. Here, please make sure to choose the desired grid setting, to set notes accordingly.

To allow us evaluating your mixdown issue, please provide us with a detailed report (see our reporting form below).

Hope that helps!

Best wishes,

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